Terra Nova

“Test preparation should be integrated into periodic review, as an integral part of an overall approach to learning. It takes time for your brain to structure information into categories. When you allow your brain enough time to review, synthesize, and organize the material, learning becomes easier.” – Scholastic

To examine agriculture as it relates to Math, Science, Social Studies, Language and Writing  these commodity readers and sample student questions have been developed and made available for teachers to print (in black and white or color) and implement.   Designed to mirror the Terra Nova Test, these reads are a way to expose students to more non-fiction based texts.  The questions can be answered using the text and are designed to take about 10 minutes per area.

We propose the following structure for implementing this program

  • Day 1              Distribute reader or have students read together on-line
  • Day 2               Language Activity
  • Day 3              Science or Social Studies Activity
  • Day 4               Math Activity
  • Day 5              Writing Activity.


Please note that an answer component is located at the back of each section.