ISAT Materials

In an effort to incorporate a more holistic educational approach and to help prepare students for the ISAT test, we have developed these activities for use in the classroom.

Our goal is to give teachers 20 weeks worth of review materials to use to prepare for ISAT testing. The activities are intended to take no more than 10 minutes a day and to use our Ag Mags as a resource. Ag Mags are available from Ag Literacy Coordinators in each county and online at our website:

The intended format for each week is as follows:

Monday – Introduce Ag Mag – have students read and use pre-reading strategies
Tuesday – Vocabulary Activity related to the Ag Mag
Wednesday – Math Activity related to the Ag Mag
Thursday – Reading Passage and questions related to the Ag Mag
Friday – Extended Response question related to the Ag Mag

We have 20 Ag Mags in print and/or online for use for the 20 weeks. When we looked at the calendar, excluding holiday weeks and normal conflict weeks (parent/teacher conferences, finals, etc.), we found that this would be about the right number of weeks for review. We are hoping to provide a model for possible ways in which teachers can utilize our materials while preparing students for the ISAT test.

Where appropriate, answer keys have been provided for the activities. We also encourage teachers to visit the ISBE website for more information and practice tests.

“Test preparation should be integrated into periodic review, as an integral part of an overall approach to learning. It takes time for your brain to structure information into categories. When you allow your brain enough time to review, synthesize, and organize the material, learning becomes easier.” – Scholastic 


Fourth Grade


Sixth Grade